Sometimes, try as we might, we can’t protect our carpet from common household accidents. Many stains are just too much for consumer products to handle. In addition, some do-it-yourself concoctions can make the situation worse. Enlisting the aid of a professional carpet cleaning service prevents the need to live with unsightly stains and smells or, worse yet, replace an entire room of carpeting.

Pet Urine

Cleaners are available for treating pet urine on your own, but they’re usually ineffective. Additionally, pets often leave their mark while you’re away from home. Cat urine stains and smells can be particularly difficult to remove. Professional carpet cleaning specialist use professional-strength cleaners and proprietary removal techniques that enable them to remove spots you just can’t get rid of on your own.

Hair Color

Coloring your own hair may help you save money at the salon, but even a few drips of hair dye can wreak havoc on your carpet. This is one of the hardest stains to remove, and will most likely require the expertise and commercial products only a carpet cleaning pro has at his or her disposal.


While you can sometimes remove spots with the right products or DIY carpet cleaners, bleach is a different story. Spots can be removed, but bleach actually pulls color out of rugs and carpets for good. Fortunately, a carpet cleaning expert has the know-how and specialized dyes to color the whitened spot so it matches the rest of your carpet.

Harsh stains and discolorations aren’t necessarily the kiss of death for your carpeting. Call a carpet cleaning professional to save your carpet and a lot of money.

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