There are lots of truly great reasons to have your home’s carpet regularly cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning service; deep cleanings make your carpet look fresh and new, and the removal of dirt and grime that’s accumulated despite vacuuming can actually protect the carpet, making it last (1)


But an often overlooked advantage to professional cleanings is how it can help people with allergies — and that’s more than 50 million Americans. Simple “hay fever” is the 5th largest chronic disease in the country; national studies estimate allergies are responsible for more than 4 million missed or lost work days per year, as much as $700 million in lost productivity.


Most allergy sufferers know it’s a good idea to clean a carpet at least weekly with a vacuum cleaner that has what’s known as a high-efficiency particular air (HEPA) filter, which is a filter that’s fine enough to trap particles that commonly cause allergy problems — like dust mite, pet dander, and pollen. But even the best vacuum cleaners have a tendency to “stir up” particulate matter to a certain extent; and in the process of removing and replacing a HEPA filter, the collected particulates tend to at least partially escape as well.


For wood and other solid floors, the answer is damp-mopping; it is the most effective way to keep those particles from accumulating — and getting kicked up in the cleaning process. Similarly, a professional carpet cleaning that uses steam and high-pressure liquids never stirs up the allergens being picked up — and there’s no bag to change or filter to clean; we take care of that for you! Finally, the high temperature of steam cleaning actually kills dust mites, so they can’t reproduce. For more information about the benefits of carpet cleaning, give us a call today!

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