Allbrite0401When it comes to getting the most out of the experience of a professional carpet cleaning, Bordentown homeowners often ask whether getting a carpet stretched before cleaning is a worthwhile idea.

All carpet over time will begin to loosen — it’s often seen as the fault of a poor installation, but although problems at the beginning might become exacerbated over time, there’s no way to keep even the most expensive wall-to-wall carpeting from becoming loose. Particularly in high traffic areas where strain on fibers and backing can be at their highest, ripples can form that are not only unsightly but also dangerous. Unwary visitors and guests can stumble and even trip over ripples in the carpet, and in areas around stairs it can be an especially concerning problem.

We recommend if your carpet is showing signs of becoming loose, it’s probably better to have the problem addressed before a professional carpet cleaning. This is for two reasons; first, the cleaning job done will be more complete and focused, not having to worry about getting around obvious carpet ripples where additional dirt and debris can gather. Second, the carpet repair technician who will re-stretch and tighten up your carpet will inevitably trim a little from the carpet to tidy up the edges. This leaves the job looking more professional, but it can also leave little tufts of carpet and pieces of backing around the area they were working — all of which can be cleaned up along with the rest of the dirt by your carpet cleaning professionals!

For more tips on carpet cleaning Medford homeowners can use, or to learn about our cleaning services and how they can get your carpets back to their original beauty, call us today!

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