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Tile and Grout Cleaning Tips in Cherry Hill

If you’re like most New Jersey homeowners or business owners with grungy, dirty grouting, you’ve no doubt gotten somewhat accustomed to the unpleasant of your tile floors. Invest the time to make your home or office more inviting for visitors and for yourself with these tile and grout cleaning tips:cleaning tile and grout
Clean up the “big stuff” first. Vacuum up any lose debris, and then clean the grout with hot water and baking soda. Let the baking soda set for a few minutes before scrubbing away with a nylon brush.
Certain products should not be used on certain materials. For instance, bleach can discolor your tiling. Some household cleansers can dissolve and/or discolor natural rocks and tiles. Grouting often has alkaline elements. If you use an acidic cleaner, like vinegar, the acid can etch into the grouting and destroy it.
Test on a small, inconspicuous area first. See whether there’s a reaction. If so, you can always neutralize a runaway acid-base reaction with a little baking soda. If and only if the test area does well, proceed to the rest of the job.
Use the right tools. Wire brushes can grind away the grouting, while bristle brushes may be too soft: a nylon brush may be ideal. Use appropriate safety gear, such as gloves and goggles, particularly if you’re using harsh chemicals that can spatter. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for any chemicals you use for tile and grout cleaning and do not mix chemicals: doing so could release poisonous gases or otherwise harm you or others in the home. If you don’t have time to do your tile and grout cleaning, you could also call in a professional to get the job done. At AllBrite Carpet Cleaning, our cleaners have experience with tile and grout cleaning and we can get your floors looking like new again. Give us a call at (856) 764-7966. We would love to help.

Tile Cleaning – Keep Your Tile Floors Looking Clean and New

CARPETCLEANING202Are you tired of taking a shower, feeling fresh and clean, only to step onto grimy looking tile floors? Do you keep postponing that dinner party because your kitchen floor looks dingy and dirty? Here are some tips on tile cleaning that will help you feel confident in your spotless, beautiful home.

Floor in need of tile cleaning

You may already have some household items lying around that can help you in your tile cleaning efforts, so all those streaks and spots don’t have to be an embarrassing eye sore when you have company over. For easy tile cleaning, you can use things like pencil erasers, to clean black scuffs left by tennis shoes or high-heels. Lighter fluid also works great to remove black marks or other scuffs left by shoes. Lighter fluid can also be used to remove dark stains from any porcelain tile you have in your bathroom.

If you have vinegar and ammonia at home, you can use these two household items tile cleaning your bathroom floor, or the tile around your sink and in your shower. If you have ceramic tile in your house, you can use lemon juice to brighten up the look of your tiles as the acid in the lemon juice helps removes excess grime. If you have marble tile, be sure to never use lemon juice, as the acid is too harsh for cleaning marble tile.

For cleaning the tile surrounding your fire place, you’ll want to combine lemon juice with a bit of salt. The salt helps to loosen the soot that smoke can leave. If you have areas in your kitchen that are greasy from cooking, you can clean this tile by mixing some club soda with water and scrubbing. Hydrogen peroxide also works great to clean tile. You can remove nail polish stains, coffee, tea or juice stains with hydrogen peroxide as well.

Dirty Grout

Of course, tile cleaning will all be in vain if your grout is still dark and dirty looking. When you are cleaning your tile, you need to be sure and change your water or other cleaning liquids frequently, as the dirt you remove from your tiles, will end up getting stuck in your grout. Grout is very porous and absorbs dirt and grime easily. In order to maintain clean looking grout, you’ll need to use a bleach solution, mixed with water. Make sure to wear gloves and take precaution to avoid getting the bleach solution on your skin or in your eyes. When using bleach to clean, always make sure the area you are cleaning is well ventilated.

Keep in mind these tips are for cleaning new tile with minor stains and grime. If the tile in your home is old, or the grout is very badly discolored, you will need a professional to clean your tile floors. We at Allbrite Carpet Cleaning are experts on carpet cleaning not only carpeted floors, but tile floors and grout as well. We also specialize in cleaning your upholstery and in scotch guarding your carpets and upholstery. Once you have had your tile professionally cleaned by us at AllBrite Carpet Cleaning, using these simple tips to maintain your shiny, sparkling tile will be easy.

The Tile And Grout Cleaning Mount Laurel Recommends Most

ALLBRITE1203The tile floors in your home are the unsung workhorses; most people use their kitchens and bathrooms more than any other room in the house, and if you’ve got tile floor in any of these high-traffic spaces, you’re going to see the results of that traffic in the grout lines. As dirt, grease and grime find their way into the grout, those beautiful white lines begin to dull and their appeal diminish — it’s easy for even a relatively new tile floor to begin to look old.

Faced with the prospect of needing a serious tile and grout cleaning, Mount Laurel homeowners often turn to the most noxious smelling “grout cleaner” they can find at the hardware or big box store, hoping to see the improvement in color and shine depicted on the side of the bottle. Disappointment is quick, however; those store-bought “solutions” don’t do much to tackle the real problem of all that filth trapped inside the grout itself.

Our tile and grout cleaning professionals use the latest equipment and environmentally-aware techniques to take on dirty grout, utilizing a high-pressure hot water insertion and extraction process that gets into every crack and crevice, eliminating not only the dirt and soil you can see but also the germs and bacteria you can’t — a deep down, authentic cleaning process by trained professionals that brings professional results.

So don’t waste time and effort on grout cleaning products that don’t do what they advertise; look into a real tile and grout cleaning that can restore your tile floors to their original beauty — and bring back a clean look you might’ve thought was gone forever. When you’re ready to try the best professional tile and grout cleaning Mount Laurel has to offer, contact us today to set up an initial appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

Tile and Grout Cleaning Lawrencville Recommends Most

ALLBRITE1103When it comes to floor cleaning, Lawrenceville home and business owners know not all cleaning jobs are created equal. Particularly for anyone who has tile and grout in high-traffic areas of the home, office or work space, there’s often a sense that there’s only so clean that floor can become — that it might never be restored to its original beauty, the great looking tile floor you loved when it was first installed. In fact, a lot of people look at darkened grout or dull tiles and think the only solution will be to tear it all out and start again.

Fortunately, we’ve got the technologies and experience to restore and revitalize tile floors and the grout that binds them together — through an exclusive tile and grout cleaning process that combines safe, non-toxic cleaning solutions with extremely hot water and exceptionally high pressure, our cleaning professionals can penetrate deep into the pores of the grout, loosening embedded grease, oils, soil and whatever else it making it look less than beautiful. Once those contaminants are worked free, they’re removed through a proprietary extraction process that takes it all away — in a clean, efficient process that leaves grout and tile looking like new.

Next, we recommend the area be re-sealed with our exclusive sealing products and process — a more comprehensive solution than any of the home-use sealing kits, with longer lasting results and backed by our reputation as cleaning professionals. The sealing process will extend the life of your tile and grout, and keep it looking its best for even longer.

When you’re ready to talk to the company that does professional tile and grout cleaning Lawrenceville home and business owners have come to count on, give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

Tile and Grout Cleaning: Like-New Results

ALLBRITE0904Whether you’ve got tile installed in a kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere on the floor of your home, you know by now that it’s a durable choice and has many advantages. One of the disadvantages, as you’ve almost certainly also discovered, is that light-colored grout that looks fantastic the day it was installed has a tendency to attract stains and dark spots — and that taking on the task of tile and grout cleaning in your home is a daunting proposition. If you’ve spent a few hours on your hands and knees with a toothbrush scrubbing away at grimy-looking grout, trying increasingly toxic hardware-store cleaning brews in an effort to get that white back, you may have begun to believe the only way to restore that bright white grout finish is to completely replace the tile.

The good news is, our professional tile and grout cleaning service gets you off your knees and takes care of that drab, graying look by cleaning in ways you never thought possible. After a deep-cleansing high-pressure hot water treatment, our careful and considerate staff begin to draw all the suspended dirt and soil particles back out of the tile and grout, leaving behind grout that’s as bright as the day you put it in. After we use professional-strength equipment to thoroughly remove all the water, our proprietary grout sealing compound it laid down, to help protect the newly-cleaned areas from even the harshest of staining agents. Once that compound dries, we gently buff out the affected area and thoroughly inspect our coverage — and if we need to do it again to endure every inch is thoroughly protected, we’ll keep going until the job is perfect and you get to enjoy a floor just like new!

So don’t replace your tile — contact us for a professional tile and grout cleaning today!

Showing Off Your Home? Carpet Cleaning Is Just the Beginning

Lazy DogIf you’re getting ready to showcase your home to new people — whether you’re preparing the home for a real estate sales showing, offering the space as a rental, hosting the biggest party of the year or just preparing for the first visit from the in-laws — you need to put your best foot forward. And perhaps you’ve taken the usual steps already; you’ve picked up the clutter, you’ve run the vacuum around the house, you’ve scrubbed a few sinks and toilets and you’ve mowed the front lawn.

Now it’s time to get serious about cleaning, and for that, we’ve got the professional help you need. You may already know we offer the most comprehensive, effective and carpet-safe carpet cleaning in the industry, informed by years of experience and a high level of professional standards. But did you know carpet cleaning is just the beginning of the cleaning services we offer?

For example, our furniture cleaning process is one of the best in the industry, featuring the latest technology in the upholstery cleaning world. We use a high-temperature water extraction system that gets well into the fabric and pulls out deep, ground-in dirt and soil in ways you may not think possible — and with results you’ll appreciate.

We also offer a tile and grout cleaning service that can breathe new life into your bathrooms and kitchen, or anyplace where the white lines around your tile may no longer be as white as you remember. If you’re tired of harsh chemicals and scrubbing for the better part of a day with lackluster results, consider our service, offering state-of-the-art tile and grout cleaning without all the work for you.

For more information about tile and grout cleaning, furniture cleaning, carpet cleaning, or any of the services we provide, please feel free to contact us today!


maintain homeWe at AllBrite Floors are constantly striving to emphasize the importance of regular carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning, as well as tile and grout cleaning.

Besides improving the general feel and look of your home, these cleaning routines can extend the life of your flooring and furniture while improving the health of your family by preventing nasty bacteria from settling in.

We understand you’re not going to need residential carpet cleaning service every week, but there are still things you can be doing within your own home to keep all your flooring well maintained along with your furniture.

  • Using welcome mats – Welcome mats act as a barrier between your floor and the dirt people (and pets) unknowingly track into it. If they capture just a fraction of the bacteria that is carried in, they are well worth their (relatively low cost) investment.
  • Vacuuming and mopping regularly and well – Pay attention to those hard to reach areas. Use your vacuum extensions when carpet cleaning – and do not neglect your tiles. Ensuring that you are vacuuming on a weekly basis can extend the life of your carpets and tiles alike, and provide you with much cleaner floors and a much nicer home. Make sure to focus on the areas that are often overlooked; tile, grout, and furniture cleaning.
  • Semi regular commercial carpet cleaning – Have a professional come in once or twice a year, or rent a steam cleaner to ensure your carpets get the deep carpet cleaning they need. Make sure you get the necessary accessories to clean your furniture as well – the more regularly you keep up this habit, the less you will have to worry about the general wear and tear that can affect your home.
  • Don’t forget about the furniture! Too many people get so focused on the carpets, they leave out the hardwood. Or so focused on the tile and grout cleaning – they forget about the furniture. We sit on it, we stand on it, we use it every day – but how often do we indulge in furniture cleaning? Thorough furniture cleaning should be part of every home maintenance routine.

These are just a few tips to help get you started. The bottom line is not to leave anything out. Carpet, tile and grout as well as furniture cleaning should all be a part of a good home maintenance routine that will extend the life of your property and the value of your home.

carpet-steam-cleaningKeeping a clean floor seems like one of the easiest household chores to ignore. If it “looks fine”, we all too often assume that it is fine, this could not be further from the truth when dealing with carpets.

All floors are capable of housing dirt of any kind (if you don’t believe us, see our article on the bacteria that hide in your floors). Carpets however, are a special type of flooring that too often keep dirt locked in at its root layer, although the surface may appear to be fresh and clean.

This not only means bad news for your health, it may also mean bad news for your pocketbook. Why? Dirt badly affects carpet, it can not only make the floor look dirty but also wear it out faster. This is because for every little bit of carpet you have laid down, there can be a lot of dirt weighing into the amount of wear and tear that goes on along with the added pressure that regularly occurs over its surface.

The more wear and tear that occurs, the more often you will have to replace your carpeting, a costly and time consuming process.

How do you prevent this? With regular carpet cleaning. This can be as simple as vacuuming regularly, adding a mat to the front door, and insisting people remove their shoes… For extra measure, from time to time it also helps to have a thorough steam cleaning done, furniture cleaning, and having professionals come in to restore your existing carpet.

The carpet is the life of the room. When you try to sell a house, one of the first things people notice is how well taken care of the house looks – and the carpet plays a major part. Since most people do not want to replace their carpets entirely every five years, the best advice we can provide is to develop a carpet cleaning routine and stick to it – it will extend the life of your carpet.

Do yourself a favour and indulge in regular carpet cleaning maintenance, it will surely save you more money than it costs.


Carpet- cleaning- new-jerseyWhether carpet, hardwood, or tile, floors are magnets for the dirt and bacteria we think we’ve left behind with each step. Keeping your floors “clean enough to eat off of” is almost an impossibility, as bacteria thrives on floor surfaces.

Another fun fact about floor bound bacteria; Although these types of bacteria live on your floors, many of them quickly become airborne to increase their survival. This means floor based bacteria should be a concern for anyone coming into a home.

So which types of bacteria have most likely made their home on your floors? The short answer is a lot, but this article will overview two of the most common types of these household dangers:

Campylobacter – Campylobacter bacteria is a perfect example of an extremely common form of bacteria – that will make you want to indulge in carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, furniture cleaning, and everything else within your power. So what’s so bad about campylobacter? The campylobacter bacteria has been directly associated with diarrhea, inflammation of the body, cramps, and even blood in the stool.

Salmonella – Salmonella is another type of bacteria associated with cramps and stomach problems, but has the added danger of being connected with the Salmonella virus. This bacteria is particularly dangerous to the young and the elderly, people who have compromised (and developing) immune systems.

So what can you do about these types of bacteria? Work out a regular cleaning maintenance within the home. This means a combination cleaning routine. Too many people think that vacuuming is enough.

The truth is that vacuuming only takes care of some of your necessary carpet cleaning routine, and completely neglects your tile and grout cleaning needs. A good combination cleaning ring involves daily vacuuming, mopping, and regular carpet, tile and grout cleaning.  Be sure to also make furniture cleaning a part of your annual spring tidy.

For more information, see our blog post on maintaining your home.


professional_carpet_cleaning_njA lot of people look at the cost of getting their carpet cleaned regularly and dismiss it as an expensive and unnecessary procedure. This is a critical mistake. When you clean your carpets, you benefit on several levels – from increased property value to the benefits of carpet cleaning for your health.

Regular residential carpet cleaning keeps your carpets looking clean and newer for longer. If you’ve ever tried to sell a house then you are likely aware that the newer things are, the better the price you’re going to get. Maintaining your carpets is a great way to ensure they will hold their value for longer, and in turn can increase property value for you.

However, that being said, carpet cleaning does not just help property values and appearances. Carpet cleaning helps the carpet to last longer, keeps things looking fresh and new, and ultimately maintains a tidy, well kept home.

If you have yet to read our blog on the bacteria that thrives in the fibres of your carpet, allow me to briefly recap – bacteria, viruses, mold, and more. Your carpet can be deceptive and, if left un-cleaned, can be a huge source of exposure to dangerous substances that you track into the house along with your family and guests.

These are just a few of the reasons that regular residential carpet cleaning is a great idea. From improving your health to increasing property value in your home, carpet cleaning is a vital part of carpet maintenance.