carpet cleaningIf you’re the sort of person who puts off doing something as long as they can stand it — e.g. you mow the lawn when, say, you can’t find the mailbox any more — we’ve got some bad news: your carpet can’t take it, and you need to change your ways.

The longer you go between professional carpet cleanings in your home, the more damage you’ve let be done to your carpet — and the more quickly it will wear out, requiring costly repair and replacement more soon than necessary. The reason is that dirt doesn’t just make a carpet look bad, it starts working to destroy carpet fibers from the moment it lands.

This is because dirt particles, as tiny as they are, have multiple sharp edges. As they work themselves into the fibers of your carpet, they do so making tiny cuts in those fibers as they go. And while a single grain of sand might not seem like a big deal, consider that an average teaspoon of dirt contains anywhere between three and ten thousand individual grains — each one essentially sawing back and forth on the fibers in your carpet every time anyone walks on them.

There’s a reason you see people vacuuming and cleaning carpets daily at Fortune 500 companies; it’s not because their employees are bringing in more dirt than you and your family, it’s because these companies know carpet is a major investment, and protecting that investment is just good business. Taking steps to get the most out of your carpet — even if it means getting out your wallet and investing in carpet cleaning more often than you might think necessary — will save you money in the long run. So don’t put it off, get a professional residential carpet cleaning today!

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