Commercial Carpet Cleaning: Your Image, Your Budget

We hear from a lot of our commercial carpet cleaning customers that the primary driving force behind them hiring us has been the appearance of their business to customers. It’s true that there’s nothing that can do as good of a job as our commercial equipment when it comes to getting carpet clean, particularly in high-traffic areas of a building; no amount of vacuuming can get the deep down dirt and grime that makes carpeting look dull and old nearly as well as our processes.commercial carpet cleaning

What’s interesting lately is how many business customers have come to recognize that it’s not just the customer that is interested in a clean feeling business — it’s the employees, too. From retail to professional offices to industrial firms, we’ve heard increasingly that retaining good employees is critical to companies’ successes; savvy company leaders are doing everything they can to make their workplaces more attractive to their workers to help keep them on longer. What’s more, numerous social studies have shown workers of any stripe tend to be more productive in an environment that’s cleaner as compared to one that’s dirty or cluttered.

We can work with your company to find ways to bring the benefits of commercial carpet cleaning to your business, on your schedule, and within your budget. We can work around your daily routines to find ways to effectively clean the carpets with minimal interruption to the workplace, preserving and maintaining your carpet and bringing a bright, fresh look to your office, industrial or retail outlet every week — or at whatever intervals seem most appropriate to your carpet and your business needs. Most importantly, as your business and needs grow our schedule and service can be adjusted; contact us today to schedule a consultation with our carpet care experts!

Upholstery Cleaning: A Clear Winner

It might not be a topic you’ve thought much about, but if you own furniture that has fabric on it, or have fabric drapes in your home, you should give some time to considering the benefits of upholstery cleaning — specifically the advantages present in professional cleaning done by a company with years of experience improving the look, feel and longevity of upholstery.upholstery cleaning

Longevity? Absolutely. While most people consider only the aesthetic advantages of having clean furniture — no one can deny there’s something great about snuggling into a clean couch to read a book or watch TV — perhaps the single most important benefit of having your furniture and drapes professionally cleaned is that they will last longer because of it.

You almost certainly have a significant investment tied up in your furniture, and the longer it lasts, the better your return on that investment. Cleaning the fabric removes not only the deep down grime and oils that make furniture look and smell dingy, it also removes dust and dirt particles that contribute to the wearing of the fabric fiber itself. That’s because those tiny particles are sharp, and when the fabric moves — when a cushion is sat upon, for example — those sharp edges work back and forth on the fibers like tiny saw blades. Worn spots become holes that must be repaired — or the furniture itself must be replaced.

Add the benefit of longer life for your furniture to the pleasure of ridding yourself of stains and smells that regular vacuuming simply can’t remove from the fabric, and you’ve got a lot to tell you a professional upholstery cleaning is worth doing. To have it done right, or for more information about our upholstery, carpet and other cleaning services, contact our office today!

Carpet Cleaning Your Toddlers Will Thank You For

Carpet Cleaning OK, so maybe they won’t exactly thank you, at least in so many words. Most parents and grandparents will agree that gratitude isn’t a virtue most toddlers are particularly known for — unless there’s a cookie or some other treat on the line, of course. But if you’ve got young children of your own, or care for them in your home, carpet cleaning can be one of the most important things you do regularly to keep them safe and healthy.

The reason carpet cleaning is so important is pretty simple: children spend a lot of their time much, much closer to the floor than adults do. That means whatever dirt, grime, pollen and dust might find its way onto your carpet is right at their level — and can have a much greater impact on their lives and wellbeing than it will on the taller people, even in the same room.

A home might feel and even smell clean — but remember, you’re on a “higher plane” than the children will be. Get down on your hands and knees if you can, put your nose right on the carpet, and take a deep breath; it might sound silly, but that’s just what your children essentially do when they’re playing down there. You might be surprised to find odors that indicate a carpet cleaning might be in order. Children who suffer from allergies especially benefit from clean carpet — it helps them stay healthy and play longer on that nice clean carpet.

Again, they may not thank you outright; but your thanks will be in the happy, healthy smiles of the children who enjoy a carpet free from dust and grime. To schedule an appointment for a professional carpet cleaning, contact our offices today!

Preparing Your Home For A Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaningHaving already made the choice to have a professional carpet cleaning company take care of your home, you’ve wisely made a choice to protect your carpet investment, maintain a great look in your house, and maintain the value of your property! The next step after scheduling a cleaning is to make sure you get the most out of it — and that means setting up your home to take full advantage of everything professional cleaners have to offer.

Depending upon the circumstances, many cleaning companies will move furniture for you — but if you’re looking to save a little time and have the ability to do so yourself before they arrive, you may want to consider getting the furniture out of the way in advance. In addition, if you have furniture or other things in the rooms to be cleaned that can easily be damaged, such as antiques or sculpture, you’ll probably want to make your own arrangements.

Take some time to clear other items off the floor as well — you’d be surprised once you look around how many things you actually have at carpet level. Things like lamps, chairs, and clothes may stand out, but you’ll also have to think about waste bins, under-desk items like power strips and computer cords, and (if you have children, or are a child at heart) toys.

Finally, be sure to notice any areas where there are particularly troubling stains or excessive soiling — high traffic spots like hallways into kitchens and entry areas, for example. Pointing those spots and stains out to the carpet cleaning professionals you hire will help ensure they spend adequate time addressing your biggest concerns — and will go a long ways toward making sure you’re fully satisfied with your carpet cleaning experience going forward!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning: Just Smart Business

If you’re a business owner — and in particular if you’re a small business owner — you know that there are significant, necessary expenses involved in running a business. And if you’ve been in business for any length of time, you probably also have learned that there are often significant, unnecessary expenses you could’ve avoided if only you’d had a little more experience (or slightly better advice). Saving money in business isn’t all about getting things done less expensively — often the key is avoiding those pitfalls, those unanticipated expenses, at every opportunity. Once place many business owners neglect is their carpeting, and to their detriment.commercial carpet cleaning camden

Think about your business carpeting as you would any other part of your business you spend money on; you’ve got hundreds and often thousands of dollars tied up in the cost of the carpet, as well as the cost of its delivery and installation. You’d never neglect routine maintenance on a piece of equipment that cost as much as your carpet — and for carpeting, routine maintenance is as straightforward as hiring a commercial carpet cleaning company to come out and do a deep down clean.

Like any maintenance, it’s a preventative step, meant to stave off failure; many people don’t understand that carpet will fail (e.g. wear out) prematurely if it’s not kept clean. There is of course a cost associated with commercial carpet cleaning, but it’s dwarfed by that of replacing the carpet itself — and the longer you can get business done on the carpet you have, the better off your bottom line will be. Getting your carpet cleaned professionally is just smart business; for more information about our commercial carpet cleaning services, or to schedule an appointment with our carpet professionals, click or call to contact us today!

Choose Upholstery Cleaning To Prolong Furniture Life

Thanks to an increased effort on the part of rug manufacturers (and their sales staff) to educate consumers about the benefits of professionally cleaning their carpets, most home and business owners are taking care of their carpet investment with at least an annual cleaning — and for high-traffic carpets, folks seem to “get” that they’re doing themselves a favor when they call in the pros even more often.

But not everyone is aware that the same dirt and grime that affects carpet can also cause problems with the fabric used in furniture and draperies — and that there’s no substitute for professional upholstery cleaning when it comes to protecting those items as well.upholstery couch

Letting those dust particles build up in upholstery has the same effect as in carpet; the tiny, sharp edges of these particles act like miniature razor blades, and every time someone sits on a couch or draws aside the drapes, those edges saw back and forth against the fibers within the fabric, gradually wearing them down and causing damage you can see and feel. Dirty upholstery isn’t just unsightly (and it is unattractive to say the least); that dirt is inexorably destroying your furniture.

Upholstery cleaning is a way to turn back that clock, allowing you to get the most out of your likely sizable investment in furniture and drapes. Removing those particles means you’re keeping the fabric fresh and new for longer — and the longer your furniture and drapes last, the longer you can go without having to pay to replace them. Just like with carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning is a sound financial decisions that will save money and frustration over time.

For more information about our upholstery cleaning services, contact us today to set up an initial, no-cost consultation!

Carpet Cleaning First Aid: Keep A Stain Fighting Kit Ready

When accidents happen and unexpected spills stain your carpet, it’s never a bad idea to call in a professional carpet cleaning service; however, if you’re the do it yourself type and want to try to take on a stain or two on your own, we recommend having a sort of “first aid kit” for your carpet ready in advance. Every moment counts; typically stains become more difficult to address the longer they’re left on a carpet, so having the right things available right away can make a difference.carpet stain

Obviously you’ll need a spray bottle or two, and a few clean cloth towels — pick cloth that’s relatively absorbent and hasn’t been dyed or treated with water-resistent chemicals. Next you’ll need detergent and rinsing solutions; while a lot of people swear by club soda, we’ve found a mix of a teaspoon of wool detergent mixed with a cup of warm water to be excellent to have around for many common stains, such as coffee, tea, urine and other dark liquids. First blot up as much of the offending liquid as you can (without spreading the stain), then add a little of the detergent solution to the outer edges of the stain and work your way in.

Once you’ve taken care of the stain, mix up your rinsing solution: 1/4 cup vinegar with 1 cup of water. Put it in a spray bottle, and spray over the entire area you worked with. Blot up the excess then spread five or six dry towels over the area and weigh them down with a phone book or several text books — enough weight to let the towels really start soaking up the rinsing solution. Leave it for several hours then remove the towels; if there’s still significant moisture, do it again.

If DIY stain removal isn’t working for you, call in a professional carpet cleaning company as soon as you can!

What Kind Of People Use A Professional Carpet Cleaning Service?

If you’ve ever wondered what sort of people use our professional carpet cleaning service — and who benefits from the value we offer our customers — the answers may surprise you. The truth is there are all kinds of people for whom a carpet cleaning service makes sense; here are just a 1

Pet owners. This might seem like an obvious one; there are many wonderful things about owning pets, but their treatment of carpeting isn’t particularly high on the list! Pet stains from urine, feces, or even just the increase in traffic (think: twice as many dirty feet as humans) can make professional carpet cleaning make a lot of sense for pet owners.

Parents. Children can be rough on carpets as well — from finger paint to muddy boots, there are a lot of ways parents benefit from getting their carpets cleaned with us. Plus a clean carpet is much better for the little ones so close to the ground!

Frequent (or infrequent) hosts. Whether you’re the type who hosts a weekly get-together with friends, or one who is about to host the first family reunion in anyone’s memory, a clean carpet is a way to show your guests they’re valued — and that you’re the type of person who keeps a very clean house!

Thrifty homeowners. What? You bet. There’s a significant dollar value tied up in the carpet you purchased for your home, and there’s no better way to make it last its longest than to have it professionally cleaned on a regular basis. In addition, a professionally cleaned carpet is easier to keep clean for a good while after the carpet cleaning service has left — if you stay on top of it, you can save a lot of money!

Prep is Key to Getting the Most out of your Commercial Carpet Cleaning

If your business hasn’t had a professional commercial carpet cleaning done before, and you’ve recently scheduled our cleaning experts to come out to take care of you, first of all, congratulations and well done! You’ve taken an important step toward protecting one of the biggest capital investments you’ve made — namely your carpet — and toward making your workplace more attractive and even more productive.commercial carpet cleaning

Here are just a few things you can do to make your professional cleaning go even more smoothly:

• Vacuum your carpet in advance of our arrival. You don’t have to, but we’ve found it can speed up our cleaning process a little, and help ensure our techs are focused on problems you can’t solve on your own.

• Make note of any problem areas. Speaking of problems you can’t solve — make note of and be sure to call attention to any stains  or spots you’d like our commercial carpet cleaning professionals to tackle. We’ve got a lot of carpet cleaning tricks up our sleeves, and we’re ready to put them to work for your business.

• Leave us a space. If you’ve got a great parking space near the door we’re going in, please try to make it available for us to park our vehicle(s). Also, if it looks like we might block someone in during our cleaning who might need to get out, let us know so we can be sure to accommodate them!

• Tell us about breakables. It’s always a good idea to let out technicians know about any breakable items that we might encounter in the course of our cleaning — including artwork, sculpture, lamps and vases you have in the workplace that require particular care.

How Long Can I Put Off Residential Carpet Cleaning?

carpet cleaningIf you’re the sort of person who puts off doing something as long as they can stand it — e.g. you mow the lawn when, say, you can’t find the mailbox any more — we’ve got some bad news: your carpet can’t take it, and you need to change your ways.

The longer you go between professional carpet cleanings in your home, the more damage you’ve let be done to your carpet — and the more quickly it will wear out, requiring costly repair and replacement more soon than necessary. The reason is that dirt doesn’t just make a carpet look bad, it starts working to destroy carpet fibers from the moment it lands.

This is because dirt particles, as tiny as they are, have multiple sharp edges. As they work themselves into the fibers of your carpet, they do so making tiny cuts in those fibers as they go. And while a single grain of sand might not seem like a big deal, consider that an average teaspoon of dirt contains anywhere between three and ten thousand individual grains — each one essentially sawing back and forth on the fibers in your carpet every time anyone walks on them.

There’s a reason you see people vacuuming and cleaning carpets daily at Fortune 500 companies; it’s not because their employees are bringing in more dirt than you and your family, it’s because these companies know carpet is a major investment, and protecting that investment is just good business. Taking steps to get the most out of your carpet — even if it means getting out your wallet and investing in carpet cleaning more often than you might think necessary — will save you money in the long run. So don’t put it off, get a professional residential carpet cleaning today!

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