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Carpet Cleaning Your Toddlers Will Thank You For

Carpet Cleaning OK, so maybe they won’t exactly thank you, at least in so many words. Most parents and grandparents will agree that gratitude isn’t a virtue most toddlers are particularly known for — unless there’s a cookie or some other treat on the line, of course. But if you’ve got young children of your own, or care for them in your home, carpet cleaning can be one of the most important things you do regularly to keep them safe and healthy.

The reason carpet cleaning is so important is pretty simple: children spend a lot of their time much, much closer to the floor than adults do. That means whatever dirt, grime, pollen and dust might find its way onto your carpet is right at their level — and can have a much greater impact on their lives and wellbeing than it will on the taller people, even in the same room.

A home might feel and even smell clean — but remember, you’re on a “higher plane” than the children will be. Get down on your hands and knees if you can, put your nose right on the carpet, and take a deep breath; it might sound silly, but that’s just what your children essentially do when they’re playing down there. You might be surprised to find odors that indicate a carpet cleaning might be in order. Children who suffer from allergies especially benefit from clean carpet — it helps them stay healthy and play longer on that nice clean carpet.

Again, they may not thank you outright; but your thanks will be in the happy, healthy smiles of the children who enjoy a carpet free from dust and grime. To schedule an appointment for a professional carpet cleaning, contact our offices today!

Preparing Your Home For A Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaningHaving already made the choice to have a professional carpet cleaning company take care of your home, you’ve wisely made a choice to protect your carpet investment, maintain a great look in your house, and maintain the value of your property! The next step after scheduling a cleaning is to make sure you get the most out of it — and that means setting up your home to take full advantage of everything professional cleaners have to offer.

Depending upon the circumstances, many cleaning companies will move furniture for you — but if you’re looking to save a little time and have the ability to do so yourself before they arrive, you may want to consider getting the furniture out of the way in advance. In addition, if you have furniture or other things in the rooms to be cleaned that can easily be damaged, such as antiques or sculpture, you’ll probably want to make your own arrangements.

Take some time to clear other items off the floor as well — you’d be surprised once you look around how many things you actually have at carpet level. Things like lamps, chairs, and clothes may stand out, but you’ll also have to think about waste bins, under-desk items like power strips and computer cords, and (if you have children, or are a child at heart) toys.

Finally, be sure to notice any areas where there are particularly troubling stains or excessive soiling — high traffic spots like hallways into kitchens and entry areas, for example. Pointing those spots and stains out to the carpet cleaning professionals you hire will help ensure they spend adequate time addressing your biggest concerns — and will go a long ways toward making sure you’re fully satisfied with your carpet cleaning experience going forward!

Carpet Cleaning First Aid: Keep A Stain Fighting Kit Ready

When accidents happen and unexpected spills stain your carpet, it’s never a bad idea to call in a professional carpet cleaning service; however, if you’re the do it yourself type and want to try to take on a stain or two on your own, we recommend having a sort of “first aid kit” for your carpet ready in advance. Every moment counts; typically stains become more difficult to address the longer they’re left on a carpet, so having the right things available right away can make a difference.carpet stain

Obviously you’ll need a spray bottle or two, and a few clean cloth towels — pick cloth that’s relatively absorbent and hasn’t been dyed or treated with water-resistent chemicals. Next you’ll need detergent and rinsing solutions; while a lot of people swear by club soda, we’ve found a mix of a teaspoon of wool detergent mixed with a cup of warm water to be excellent to have around for many common stains, such as coffee, tea, urine and other dark liquids. First blot up as much of the offending liquid as you can (without spreading the stain), then add a little of the detergent solution to the outer edges of the stain and work your way in.

Once you’ve taken care of the stain, mix up your rinsing solution: 1/4 cup vinegar with 1 cup of water. Put it in a spray bottle, and spray over the entire area you worked with. Blot up the excess then spread five or six dry towels over the area and weigh them down with a phone book or several text books — enough weight to let the towels really start soaking up the rinsing solution. Leave it for several hours then remove the towels; if there’s still significant moisture, do it again.

If DIY stain removal isn’t working for you, call in a professional carpet cleaning company as soon as you can!

Carpet Cleaning New Jersey Businesses Prefer

Allbrite0403If you’ve got a business that utilizes carpet in public spaces, you’ve already got a sizable investment in the carpet itself. Commercial carpet is designed for the heavier traffic it sees as compared to its residential counterpart — and you need a professional commercial carpet cleaning professional to help keep your investment at its best for the longest possible amount of time.

Routine maintenance is the best way to keep any piece of equipment running longer; your carpet is no different. When it comes to commercial carpet cleaning Hamilton business owners know that cleaning routine spills and soils needs to be done daily whenever possible. This isn’t just because customers and clients find a clean carpet more attractive, which they do; it’s also because every moment dirt and grime remain in your carpet, they’re contributing to its wear and decreasing its lifespan.

Every bit of dust that floats through the air — as well as everything brought in by your employees and customers — eventually settles in the carpet, where the rough edges on these tiny particles act like tiny saws, gradually damaging the fibers of yarn that make up the carpet. Over time this contributes not only to a dingy look, but also to the outright failure of the strands of yard — worn spots that can even lead to holes.

Preventing this damage is the number-one goal of a commercial carpet cleaning company. By removing those particles regularly and thoroughly, you’re going to make your carpet last longer — and protect your capital investment. Daily vacuuming, augmented with monthly professional carpet cleaning, is the best way to accomplish that goal.

If you’d like to learn more about the best commercial carpet cleaning Moorestown has to offer — and how we can help protect your commercial carpet investment — contact us today!

Tips For Carpet Cleaning Washington Township: A Better Vacuum?

housekeeping-cleaning the floorMost people might be surprised to hear a professional carpet cleaner suggest such a thing, but here it is: if they want to get the most out of their regularly scheduled carpet cleaning, Cinnaminson home and business owners need to be sure they’ve got the best vacuum they can afford taking care of things between professional cleanings.

There’s no substitute for a professional carpet cleaning job, of course — but there’s no need to schedule one every other week, especially if you’ve got a regular vacuuming plan and a good piece of equipment. The reason is that for most homes and businesses, the overwhelming majority of dirt and soil in a carpet tends to be dry — in other words, a good vacuum will pick up most of it.

There are a lot of great features in modern vacuums — if you haven’t shopped for one in awhile, you’ll be surprised not only by their abilities but likely by their prices, which have gone up to keep pace. You might appreciate a bagless vacuum, although cleaning the bagless canisters tends to be a more “hands on” experience than just pulling out a bag and tossing it in the trash. Many of the lightweight models have decent suction, but need to be emptied more often.

The best vacuum, like the best camera, is the one you actually use. Choose a vacuum that’s comfortable on your hand, that you can easily lift and store wherever you need to. It never hurts to check online ratings and recommendations before purchasing one — you can even ask our staff to recommend a model they’ve seen work well in your area.

For more information about the carpet cleaning Marlton residents recommend more to their friends and family than any other, give us a call to schedule a preliminary appointment today!

Before Carpet Cleaning, Cherry Hill Homeowners Ask: To Stretch Or Not To Stretch?

Allbrite0401When it comes to getting the most out of the experience of a professional carpet cleaning, Bordentown homeowners often ask whether getting a carpet stretched before cleaning is a worthwhile idea.

All carpet over time will begin to loosen — it’s often seen as the fault of a poor installation, but although problems at the beginning might become exacerbated over time, there’s no way to keep even the most expensive wall-to-wall carpeting from becoming loose. Particularly in high traffic areas where strain on fibers and backing can be at their highest, ripples can form that are not only unsightly but also dangerous. Unwary visitors and guests can stumble and even trip over ripples in the carpet, and in areas around stairs it can be an especially concerning problem.

We recommend if your carpet is showing signs of becoming loose, it’s probably better to have the problem addressed before a professional carpet cleaning. This is for two reasons; first, the cleaning job done will be more complete and focused, not having to worry about getting around obvious carpet ripples where additional dirt and debris can gather. Second, the carpet repair technician who will re-stretch and tighten up your carpet will inevitably trim a little from the carpet to tidy up the edges. This leaves the job looking more professional, but it can also leave little tufts of carpet and pieces of backing around the area they were working — all of which can be cleaned up along with the rest of the dirt by your carpet cleaning professionals!

For more tips on carpet cleaning Medford homeowners can use, or to learn about our cleaning services and how they can get your carpets back to their original beauty, call us today!

Popular Misconceptions of Carpet Cleaning

Carpeting is a great alternative to hardwood flooring or tile. But, some people who are on the fence about making the right choice for their home or office will find that carpeting leaves a bad taste in their mouth because the upkeep alone is time consuming. It’s a given fact that we all are constantly receiving new information and gathering facts. And, this is what disregards myths which influence our decisions, even if it is pertaining to tastes in flooring. Below you will find ten of the most popular myths debunked about carpet cleaning that could sway your decision before heading to the nearest home improvement store purchasing something other than carpet. Urban legends be gone!clean carpet

1. Steam Cleaning will ruin my carpet…

False! Many carpet cleaning companies use hot water extraction, aka steam cleaning. It is the preferred choice because when done properly, it cleanses thoroughly. It is highly recommended by the leading carpet manufacturers worldwide, and untrained professionals who treat the carpet with this method can create a variety of problems that are not needed.

2. If the carpet doesn’t look dirty, do I still have to clean it?

Yes, you do! Some carpets do camouflage more dirt than others, but it doesn’t mean that there isn’t any soil to be removed. Whether hidden or not, all dirt acts as an abrasive which can sadly result in loss of fiber protection and color, and early wear.

3. My carpet isn’t even a year old yet, does it still need to be cleaned?

This is one of the most common mistakes for carpet owners, and can prove to be very costly. Even though some dirt doesn’t appear on the surface, it does not mean that it’s not dirty. By the time soil is visible to the naked eye, most of the damage has already occurred. Grime could break the fibers down at a quickening pace, which prompts you thinking a new one needs to be purchased.

4. Carpet deodorizers will keep it fresh and clean…

Untrue! These scented powders are harmful for your carpet as well as create unnecessary dust in your home. It is nearly impossible to vacuum up all that is sprinkled into the carpet and therefore leaving some in the carpet which when disturbed becomes dust in your home.

5. Once you clean the carpet, it gets dirtier faster…

While this used to be true years ago, today this is rarely the case. A trained technician using professional products should not leave any dirt attracting residue in your carpet to cause it to rapidly resoil.

6. Over vacuuming your carpet can be harmful…

Again, this is not something to worry about, because most homeowners find vacuuming to be a tedious chore. There’s even one on the market which does it for you while you keep your feet propped up on the coffee table! Vacuuming can actually remove more than half of all sorts of dirt embedded within your carpet. Even if one vacuums every day, twice a day, it will not cause harm to any type of carpet, but who’s going to do that.
7. I own my own carpet cleaning machine, I don’t need a professional to do it for me…

Most homeowners purchase, or rent their own unit to get the job done. But, doing it yourself could possibly be the most harmful act done to your carpet. They’re good for putting a lot of water in to the carpet, but not taking it out. Which results in hours of drying time, and leaving it an open gateway for mildew, mold and bacteria to grow. Leave it to the professionals who use the heavy-duty machines and have the proper training.

8. I can save a ton of money if I buy a cheaper carpet…

No, you can’t. This is a huge mistake made by consumers daily. It is not a good investment in the long run because it takes only months for dirt to become visible which in turn can cause premature and permanent damage which is irreversible.

9. Carpet cleaning is expensive, so I’ll wait as long as possible, or at least until the in-laws visit…

Don’t delay, clean it today! Indoor air quality will be ruined, and could cause health problems for family, friends and even your pets. If a carpet is cleaned regularly and correctly, your home or office environment will prove to be more beneficial in many ways.

10. A hard surface floor will help my allergies…

There are many studies showing that clean carpet will actually trap and hold the allergens and not allow them to get up into your breathing zone like they would if they were on a hard surface floor.

Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors in Medford

Mopping. It’s not a sexy thing to do or often fun thing to do, but this time of the year many of us will find our animals or kids tracking in snow, ice, and water on our hardwood floors meaning that we will have to spend time doing it to clean up our floors.hardwood floor cleaning

When someone does track in water, snow, or even ice, on our hardwood flooring it’s best that we know the various ways to clean up the water before it causes any extraordinary damage.

As a team of professional hardwood flooring and carpet cleaners, we understand that not everyone can offer the same cleaning solutions as the rest of us, but there are a few do-it-yourself options that might be able to help the typical home owner.

With all of these options we suggest that you create a mix using warm water, but you will find that they often offer the right cleaning solution.

Window cleaner – Window cleaners such as Windex offer a great solution to clean your windows, but the solution can often be used to clean your floors as well.
Dish Soap – A mild and low dish soap might be able to help you out and give your floors a shine.
All purpose cleaners – All purpose cleaners such as Lysol works great, when diluted with water.
Use these solution options to keep your floor clean and dry this winter season.

The professionals at AllBrite Carpet Cleaning are here to help you with all of your flooring needs. From upholstery cleaning to hardwood floors and carpet cleaning, our technicians are here to help you with everything that you need. For more information please visit our contact page or give us a call at (856) 764-7966.

How to Clean an Area Rug

CARPETCLEANING204They are stepped on, smashed beneath furniture, spilled on, and sometimes slept on, so it should come as no surprise that area rugs need to be cleaned fairly often. And if you’re wondering how carpet cleaning an area rug should be done, you’ve come to the right place! Today we’re going to discuss what to do when your rug is looking the worse for wear. We’ve divided our tips for how carpet cleaning an area rug into different sections, so that you can decide how to treat your rug based on its symptoms and ailments.


This isn’t going to be an amazing revelation (I hope!), but for routine maintenance of your area rug, to get rid of all the dust and dirt that accumulates over the days and weeks, all you need to do is vacuum it. Most homeowners find that vacuuming once every 1-2 weeks helps prevent buildup of all the dust, dirt, and debris your shoes and pets leave behind. Vacuum often to prevent your rug from prematurely aging.


If your dog or cat sheds a lot, you’ll notice that the excess fur often collects on your rugs and carpets. You can purchase special vacuums to remove pet hair from your rug or you can use a stiff brush (brushing in the direction of the nap).


If need to know how to clean an area rug that has a stain, you should generally treat it the same way that you would treat a stain on your carpet.

Since the rug can easily be lifted up (unlike carpet), you might also want to check that the underside of the rug isn’t dirty. If the stain has seeped through to the carpet beneath, just apply the same method you used on the rug to the carpeting.

Of course before you do any deep carpet cleaning or use any potentially risky products, be sure to check the rug’s label, if it has one. You should also perform test patches in unimportant areas before treating a stain somewhere very visible.


If your rug needs more than a quick vacuum, you could hang it up outside on a clothesline or fence using heavy-duty clamps. Then, clean it by hand with a carpet cleaning solution and water. You’ll need to wring as much water out of it as possible afterward and then leave it outside until it has dried. Because it’s so important that the rug dries completely, only use this method on sunny (and preferably very warm) days.

For a more thorough cleaning, turn to a professional carpet cleaning company like AllBrite Carpet Cleaning. We can get your area rug dust-free, dirt-free, and looking like new!

Tile Cleaning – Keep Your Tile Floors Looking Clean and New

CARPETCLEANING202Are you tired of taking a shower, feeling fresh and clean, only to step onto grimy looking tile floors? Do you keep postponing that dinner party because your kitchen floor looks dingy and dirty? Here are some tips on tile cleaning that will help you feel confident in your spotless, beautiful home.

Floor in need of tile cleaning

You may already have some household items lying around that can help you in your tile cleaning efforts, so all those streaks and spots don’t have to be an embarrassing eye sore when you have company over. For easy tile cleaning, you can use things like pencil erasers, to clean black scuffs left by tennis shoes or high-heels. Lighter fluid also works great to remove black marks or other scuffs left by shoes. Lighter fluid can also be used to remove dark stains from any porcelain tile you have in your bathroom.

If you have vinegar and ammonia at home, you can use these two household items tile cleaning your bathroom floor, or the tile around your sink and in your shower. If you have ceramic tile in your house, you can use lemon juice to brighten up the look of your tiles as the acid in the lemon juice helps removes excess grime. If you have marble tile, be sure to never use lemon juice, as the acid is too harsh for cleaning marble tile.

For cleaning the tile surrounding your fire place, you’ll want to combine lemon juice with a bit of salt. The salt helps to loosen the soot that smoke can leave. If you have areas in your kitchen that are greasy from cooking, you can clean this tile by mixing some club soda with water and scrubbing. Hydrogen peroxide also works great to clean tile. You can remove nail polish stains, coffee, tea or juice stains with hydrogen peroxide as well.

Dirty Grout

Of course, tile cleaning will all be in vain if your grout is still dark and dirty looking. When you are cleaning your tile, you need to be sure and change your water or other cleaning liquids frequently, as the dirt you remove from your tiles, will end up getting stuck in your grout. Grout is very porous and absorbs dirt and grime easily. In order to maintain clean looking grout, you’ll need to use a bleach solution, mixed with water. Make sure to wear gloves and take precaution to avoid getting the bleach solution on your skin or in your eyes. When using bleach to clean, always make sure the area you are cleaning is well ventilated.

Keep in mind these tips are for cleaning new tile with minor stains and grime. If the tile in your home is old, or the grout is very badly discolored, you will need a professional to clean your tile floors. We at Allbrite Carpet Cleaning are experts on carpet cleaning not only carpeted floors, but tile floors and grout as well. We also specialize in cleaning your upholstery and in scotch guarding your carpets and upholstery. Once you have had your tile professionally cleaned by us at AllBrite Carpet Cleaning, using these simple tips to maintain your shiny, sparkling tile will be easy.

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