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How to Treat a Paint Stain on Carpet

CARPETCLEANING201Maybe you were painting your bedroom and a few dripping drops escaped your notice . . . Maybe your daughter busted out her paint set and decided to color a portion of the rug . . . Maybe your freshly painted chairs weren’t quite dry when you moved them back into the carpeted living room . . . Whatever the situation, if you have a paint stain on carpet, we’re here to help! However, we must note first that the success of the process will depend not only on your carpet cleaning technique but also on the type of paint, its color, and the amount of time it has spent on your carpet thus far. With that in mind, read on and try to find the solution that best fits the paint stain on carpet in your home.

Act fast! If paint dries, it will often permanently stain the carpet. Then, contain the spill by surrounding it with absorbent cloths or paper towels. Blot up as much of the paint as you can (taking care not to rub it further into the carpet fibers). Before you apply any harsh cleaning solutions or chemicals, test them in an inconspicuous area. At the end, if there are a few bits of dried paint left that won’t come out, feel free to cut them off with a razor or scissors.

Apply glycerin to the stain and blot up. Then, remove the leftover residue with rubbing alcohol. Go back over the remaining stain with a mild detergent and water. Clean up the paint with a sponge and vacuum dry.
Act quickly because most oil paints will permanently stain carpet if left on too long. You’ll need to use turpentine or mineral spirits to remove the paint stain on carpet. If the paint has dried, try to stick with turpentine. Apply the liquid and blot up with paper towels. Then, blot the area with rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining chemical residue. Finally, go back with a mild detergent and water and clean what’s left of the stain with a sponge.

Blot up as much paint as possible. Then, make a carpet cleaning solution by mixing about a teaspoon of a neutral detergent (one that contains no alkalies or bleaches) and one cup of warm water. Apply this to the stain and blot up as much paint as possible. Repeat the method until the stain is gone.
Blot up as much paint as possible. Then, continue blotting using a bit of water or vinegar. Finally, add a mild detergent or dish soap, blot, and rinse with water. Take care not to use too much water or the stain with spread.
If the paint has dried, first try to remove as much of the stain as possible by scraping at it with a razor blade, butter knife, or something similar. Then, spray on some WD-40 and let it sit for 20 minutes. Blot the area and remove any bits of loose paint (with your hands or a pair of tweezers). Then, clean the area with a neutral detergent and rinse with water. Blot up any excess liquid.

Soak up as much paint as possible with rags, then cover the paint stain on carpet with very damp towels so that it won’t dry up. Keep the stain wet as you call a trusted carpet cleaning company. They should be able to clean it with their professional equipment, but if the situation is too dire, you may have to replace that section of your carpet.

A Few Household Items That Can Ruin Your Carpet

Sometimes, try as we might, we can’t protect our carpet from common household accidents. Many stains are just too much for consumer products to handle. In addition, some do-it-yourself concoctions can make the situation worse. Enlisting the aid of a professional carpet cleaning service prevents the need to live with unsightly stains and smells or, worse yet, replace an entire room of carpeting.

Pet Urine

Cleaners are available for treating pet urine on your own, but they’re usually ineffective. Additionally, pets often leave their mark while you’re away from home. Cat urine stains and smells can be particularly difficult to remove. Professional carpet cleaning specialist use professional-strength cleaners and proprietary removal techniques that enable them to remove spots you just can’t get rid of on your own.

Hair Color

Coloring your own hair may help you save money at the salon, but even a few drips of hair dye can wreak havoc on your carpet. This is one of the hardest stains to remove, and will most likely require the expertise and commercial products only a carpet cleaning pro has at his or her disposal.


While you can sometimes remove spots with the right products or DIY carpet cleaners, bleach is a different story. Spots can be removed, but bleach actually pulls color out of rugs and carpets for good. Fortunately, a carpet cleaning expert has the know-how and specialized dyes to color the whitened spot so it matches the rest of your carpet.

Harsh stains and discolorations aren’t necessarily the kiss of death for your carpeting. Call a carpet cleaning professional to save your carpet and a lot of money.

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