housekeeping-cleaning the floorMost people might be surprised to hear a professional carpet cleaner suggest such a thing, but here it is: if they want to get the most out of their regularly scheduled carpet cleaning, Cinnaminson home and business owners need to be sure they’ve got the best vacuum they can afford taking care of things between professional cleanings.

There’s no substitute for a professional carpet cleaning job, of course — but there’s no need to schedule one every other week, especially if you’ve got a regular vacuuming plan and a good piece of equipment. The reason is that for most homes and businesses, the overwhelming majority of dirt and soil in a carpet tends to be dry — in other words, a good vacuum will pick up most of it.

There are a lot of great features in modern vacuums — if you haven’t shopped for one in awhile, you’ll be surprised not only by their abilities but likely by their prices, which have gone up to keep pace. You might appreciate a bagless vacuum, although cleaning the bagless canisters tends to be a more “hands on” experience than just pulling out a bag and tossing it in the trash. Many of the lightweight models have decent suction, but need to be emptied more often.

The best vacuum, like the best camera, is the one you actually use. Choose a vacuum that’s comfortable on your hand, that you can easily lift and store wherever you need to. It never hurts to check online ratings and recommendations before purchasing one — you can even ask our staff to recommend a model they’ve seen work well in your area.

For more information about the carpet cleaning Marlton residents recommend more to their friends and family than any other, give us a call to schedule a preliminary appointment today!

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